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As a Chef by trade and a local family man, we were out one Friday night for takeaways in good old Rangiora. Only to discover huge queues and after an hour wait for food we were very disappointing with the quality.... That’s when we knew, we can do this and really give Rangiora something fresh and delicious.

We essentially created ALT Kitchen in 2015 to bring quality to the takeaway market in Rangiora. With years of experience as a chef from all different disciplines, I set about to create our three main burgers, making everything myself from scratch and this has remained. Our awesome neighbors, friends and family were our market researches, giving us honest feedback and loving the food tastings. We have changed nothing from day one and since then have only added to our already superb menu.

Why 'ALT Kitchen'

ALT Kitchen is the initials of our three beautiful children and also we wanted people to know we are not just about burgers.....

Why Us?

We love our burgers and have introduced new meals on occasions, which are very popular. We just love food and good food and aim to bring the best quality to Rangiora.